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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Larkin do when Blair jokes that he might stick in the form of a four-legged animal?
(a) Sits on her.
(b) Kicks her.
(c) Blows snot on her.
(d) Licks her face.

2. What does Cian tell Blair and Larkin that he thinks about the queen's death?
(a) He thinks they were sent by the goddess.
(b) He thinks they meant to kill Moira.
(c) He thinks they were trying to turn the queen.
(d) He thinks the queen may have been assassinated.

3. Why does Larkin explain to Blair that she does not want to be queen yet?
(a) She doesn't want to be the one to send her people to war.
(b) She is afraid the people won't serve a woman.
(c) She will be forced to get married if she is queen.
(d) She has been away too long.

4. What does Moira say when her uncle questions trusting Cian?
(a) It is the god's will.
(b) There is no reason not to trust him.
(c) He only drinks pig blood.
(d) He has no choice in the matter.

5. What does Blair say to the vampires when they ride up on her?
(a) She rode him too far and he seems to be tired.
(b) Her horse got a stone.
(c) Her horse fell.
(d) The horse is old and not very steady.

6. How many vampires is Blair able to capture in the woods?
(a) None.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Six.

7. What does Riddock say concerns him about letting Blair, Hoyt, Glenna, and Cian take charge of the military?
(a) They were sent by the goddess.
(b) They have strict chain of command set up.
(c) They are not Geallian.
(d) They have a prophecy about the vampires.

8. What does Niall tell Larkin after Blair is able to beat him in combat?
(a) She must be a man in disguise.
(b) He will fight Larkin for Blair because she is a true woman.
(c) She fights as good as she looks.
(d) He asks Larkin if she has any little sisters.

9. What does Blair want to think about trying to use as an advantage in the coming battle?
(a) Other warriors from the other worlds.
(b) The fire from the volcanos.
(c) Other wizards.
(d) The other dragons.

10. What does Blair realize when she gets to the second set of traps?
(a) She is lost.
(b) There are other vampires in Geall.
(c) Lilith moved up her schedule
(d) Someone sabatoged the traps.

11. What does Larkin tell Blair that she had been swinging when he got to her?
(a) A broken sword.
(b) A rock.
(c) A bone.
(d) A tree branch.

12. What does Moira say about the Dance?
(a) It may separate them.
(b) They aren't sure how much time has passed during the transport.
(c) It may not let their magic objects through.
(d) It is unreliable.

13. What does Blair check on their way back to the castle?
(a) The hidding holes with their weapons.
(b) The harness she gave Larkin.
(c) The pitfalls that are disguised.
(d) The water they had blessed by the holy man.

14. What does Cian tell Blair his contacts found at Jeremy's house?
(a) Jeremy was going to be turned but they stopped it.
(b) There is blood but no body.
(c) Jeremy had been ripped apart.
(d) The police were there.

15. How many women are there waiting for Glenna the next morning when she comes out to start training?
(a) The same as before.
(b) Only half.
(c) Twice as many.
(d) Too many to count.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the vampires come from in the end?

2. What does Blair say to Larkin as Moira first calls her to the field in chapter sixteen when the vampires are brought out?

3. What does Cian say when Moira warns him not to speak of her mother when she confronts him?

4. What does Moira think of in reference to who Cian is?

5. What does Cian say when Moira says that she doesn't understand why they are at odds with each other?

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