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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair do after she has control of her emotions?
(a) Goes out to buy guns.
(b) Goes to the training room.
(c) Goes to the caves where Lilith is.
(d) Goes out to kill the vampires outside the house.

2. What does Blair check on their way back to the castle?
(a) The harness she gave Larkin.
(b) The water they had blessed by the holy man.
(c) The pitfalls that are disguised.
(d) The hidding holes with their weapons.

3. Why does Larkin explain to Blair that she does not want to be queen yet?
(a) She will be forced to get married if she is queen.
(b) She has been away too long.
(c) She is afraid the people won't serve a woman.
(d) She doesn't want to be the one to send her people to war.

4. How does Blair plan to capture one of the vampires?
(a) She doesn't have a plan.
(b) Hide and wait for them to come back.
(c) Follow them until sunrise.
(d) Use herself as bait.

5. What has happened to the family that is in distress?
(a) Their horses were stolen.
(b) They are not sure, but think it was lightning.
(c) Their wagon axel broke.
(d) The man has had a heart attack.

6. What does Cian do before he leaves Moira?
(a) Cuts her hand.
(b) Slaps her.
(c) Kisses her.
(d) Bites her.

7. What does Blair realize when she gets to the second set of traps?
(a) There are other vampires in Geall.
(b) Lilith moved up her schedule
(c) Someone sabatoged the traps.
(d) She is lost.

8. What does Blair give Larkin as a gift?
(a) A ring.
(b) A harness.
(c) A sword.
(d) A lock of her hair.

9. What does Blair tell Glenna she should do?
(a) Get safe places for the children and elderly to hide.
(b) Trains the men.
(c) Get supplies and weapons together.
(d) Train the women while Blair trains the men.

10. What does Riddock say when Blair asks him if he will fight?
(a) I will do whatever the gods order.
(b) To the last breath.
(c) I must stay here to rule.
(d) There is no other choice.

11. What does Blair tell the young boy that she meets when he says he wants to kill demons?
(a) That he is too handsome for fighting.
(b) That he has the heart of a warrior.
(c) That he is too young.
(d) That his job must be to keep his mother and family safe inside.

12. What does Blair say when Larkin says that Lilith has been to the battle ground before planning out the battle?
(a) There is nothing they can do about it.
(b) She doesn't care.
(c) She has seen it before too.
(d) They can use that to their advantage.

13. What does Lora have as a present for Blair?
(a) Larkin.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her aunt.

14. What does Cian say when Moira warns him not to speak of her mother when she confronts him?
(a) Someone has to.
(b) You didn't kill her.
(c) Then stop using her.
(d) I didn't kill her.

15. What does Moira say about the Dance?
(a) It may not let their magic objects through.
(b) They aren't sure how much time has passed during the transport.
(c) It is unreliable.
(d) It may separate them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Blair say may be the reason Lilith hasn't attacked?

2. What does Larkin do when Blair jokes that he might stick in the form of a four-legged animal?

3. Where do the vampires come from in the end?

4. What does Moira say when her uncle questions trusting Cian?

5. What does Moira think of in reference to who Cian is?

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