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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cian say he feels like when he puts on the cloak?
(a) An extra in a B movie.
(b) Like he has died and gone to hell.
(c) A dork.
(d) Nosferatu.

2. What does Blair say when they start into the woods?
(a) She can't feel any but it seems odd.
(b) There are no vampires.
(c) There are vampires watching but keeping their distance.
(d) She can feel something but not vampires.

3. What does Riddock say when Blair asks him if he will fight?
(a) I must stay here to rule.
(b) I will do whatever the gods order.
(c) There is no other choice.
(d) To the last breath.

4. Why does Moira say that they would know if Larkin was dead?
(a) Lilith would have sent pieces of his body back.
(b) Because their circle would be broken.
(c) Moira has a connection to her cousin.
(d) Larkin's necklace would glow.

5. What does Blair tell Larkin about a vampire bite?
(a) It burns and you might not live through it.
(b) There are no words to describe it.
(c) It's like a drug.
(d) It makes you a puppet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hoyt say is in the van that he found in the driveway?

2. What does Blair say they will use to watch Larkin as long as they can?

3. What does Larkin tell her that he does for a living back home?

4. What does Blair say when Moira offers to shoot at the vampires at the edge of the trees?

5. What does Larkin tell her that Hoyt plans on doing when they are done?

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