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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Blair and Larkin agree on when they get back home?
(a) That they need to stay away from Lilith's cave.
(b) That they must go back to the caves.
(c) That they have to limit the magic used.
(d) That they need to go talk to the humans that Glenna saved.

2. What does Blair say it would be if someone tried to rescue the people in the vampire caves?
(a) Not necessary since the people are there voluntary.
(b) A suicide mission.
(c) Not possible because the people are under vampire spells.
(d) Impossible without the help of a vampire.

3. In chapter one what does Larkin say there had been glory in?
(a) That so many demons had fallen.
(b) That most of his men still lived.
(c) He can find nothing for there to be glory in.
(d) That he was preparing a trap for the demons.

4. What does Larkin say about Blair's tattoo?
(a) It says she is a savior of men.
(b) It is the mark of the defenders.
(c) It is the mark of royalty.
(d) It means that she is beautiful and brave.

5. What does Moira say about a sorcerer or witch being turned into a vampire?
(a) They loose most or all of their gift when they become a demon.
(b) Vampires don't turn witches or sorcerers.
(c) They are protected against it.
(d) There is a prophecy about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Larkin know how to handle a sword?

2. Why does Larkin get mad at Blair?

3. How does Glenna say that she knew where to send the people that they saved from Lilith?

4. What does Cian tell Glenna that the stake is that he puts on the counter?

5. What does Blair say that Glenna's tattoo is of?

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