Daily Lessons for Teaching Dance of the Gods

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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)


This book begins with a prologue. There are many different ways to use a prologue to introduce a story. In Dance of the Gods it begins with the children listening to the story that is about to be told in the book. The objective of this lesson is to look more closely at a prologue.


1) Discussion: Explain the prologue used in Dance of the Gods. In what ways was it effective? What information did you gather from the prologue that you believe will be important as the story continues? Explain.

2) Classwork: Have the students come up with various types of prologues that could be used. Poems, inserts from the middle of the book, song, prophecy, an explanation of what you are about to read. What other types can you think of? Give examples for two or three of these from past readings that had prologues...

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