Dance of the Gods Character Descriptions

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Larkin Riddock

This character is one of the main characters in the book. He/she is a protagonist and is a shape shifter. This character is often seen transforming into dragons, horses, and other creatures. This character eventually proposes to the other character in the book that he/she has fallen in love with.

Blair Murphy

This character is a demon hunter. This character is used to working alone and has been badly hurt when his/her father left on his/her eighteenth birthday. This character can heal quicker than humans but not as quickly as vampires. This character is badly wounded toward the end of the story when he/she is cornered by one of the strong vampires and ten other vampires.

Hoyt MacCionnaugh

This character is a sorcerer who is one of the main protagonists. This character is married to a witch. This character has a...

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