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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is suggested that the city of Oonai might in fact be what, in "The Quest of Iranon"?
(a) Aira.
(b) Celephais.
(c) Algol.
(d) Xura.

2. Where does West go on to open a private practice, in "Herbert West-Reanimator"?
(a) New York.
(b) New Mexico.
(c) Boston.
(d) New Hampsire.

3. When was "The Other Gods" first published?
(a) 1923.
(b) 1933.
(c) 1911.
(d) 1954.

4. Who dies in Oonai, in "The Quest of Iranon"?
(a) Romnod.
(b) The king.
(c) Iranon.
(d) The queen.

5. What can Tillinghast's machine activate, in "From Beyond"?
(a) The pineal gland.
(b) The pituitary gland.
(c) The endocrine gland.
(d) The thyroid gland.

6. Who does Herbert West pay for bodies early in his experiments?
(a) A hospital.
(b) A morgue.
(c) A prison.
(d) A grave robber.

7. What does the narrator do for employment, in "Hypnos"?
(a) He is an astronaut.
(b) He is a sculptor.
(c) He is a scientist.
(d) He is a journalist.

8. How is the stranger dressed whom the narrator encounters, in "Hypnos"?
(a) In blue.
(b) In white.
(c) In red.
(d) In black.

9. What is the young apprentice priest's name, in "The Other Gods"?
(a) Menes.
(b) Atal.
(c) Kadath.
(d) Bokrug.

10. What does Herbert West use to reanimate dead bodies?
(a) Serum.
(b) Nitrogen.
(c) Electricity.
(d) Blood.

11. What does the narrator do to the machine, in "From Beyond"?
(a) Buys it.
(b) Shoots it.
(c) Steals it.
(d) Sells it.

12. Once the submarine surfaces again, what do the crew find on the hub, in "The Temple"?
(a) A whale carcass.
(b) A British soldier.
(c) A mermaid.
(d) A silver ring.

13. What begins to follow the submarine, in "The Temple"?
(a) Whales.
(b) Sharks.
(c) Dolphins.
(d) Octupi.

14. What does Altberg do once the cameras are turned off, in "The Temple"?
(a) Embraces the soldiers.
(b) Frees the soldiers.
(c) Tortures the soldiers.
(d) Kills the soldiers.

15. In what war do the narrator and West volunteer, in "Herbert West-Reanimator"?
(a) The French and Indian War.
(b) World War II.
(c) The Civil War.
(d) World War I.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the olive grove described in "The Tree"?

2. The narrator in, "Hypnos," writes of the stranger, "this man was a faun's statue out of antique ____..."

3. Where was "The Other Gods" first published?

4. What is the name of the boy Iranon befriends in Teloth?

5. The people of Teloth, in "The Quest of Iranon," are described as very what?

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