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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Supernatural Horror in Literature.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lovecraft write "appears as an ingredient of the earliest folklore of all races, and is crystallized in the most archaic ballads, chronicles, and sacred writings"?
(a) Weird fiction.
(b) Pulp fiction.
(c) Cosmic horror.
(d) Horror writing.

2. What happens when the servants turn on the lights, in "From Beyond"?
(a) They fell asleep.
(b) They saw the Dagon.
(c) They were eaten.
(d) They imploded.

3. What refers to a single structure that arises from the ground?
(a) Stalagmite.
(b) Spire.
(c) Glacier.
(d) Monolith.

4. Where does Iranon first go, in "The Quest of Iranon"?
(a) Teloth.
(b) Aira.
(c) Ulthar.
(d) Ib.

5. Once the submarine surfaces again, what do the crew find on the hub, in "The Temple"?
(a) A silver ring.
(b) A mermaid.
(c) A whale carcass.
(d) A British soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Other Gods," the gods left a graven image on the face of the mountain which they called what?

2. What were the travelers, in "The Cats of Ulthar," traveling in?

3. Celephais is located in the valley of what?

4. What does the narrator see moving about once the machine is on, in "From Beyond"?

5. The patient in "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" has night rants that are described as extremely what?

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