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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Supernatural Horror in Literature.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The stranger's voice, in "Hypnos," is described as "the music of deep viols and of crystalline" what?
(a) Teardrops.
(b) Raindrops.
(c) Spheres.
(d) Notes.

2. What does Lovecraft write "appears as an ingredient of the earliest folklore of all races, and is crystallized in the most archaic ballads, chronicles, and sacred writings"?
(a) Pulp fiction.
(b) Cosmic horror.
(c) Weird fiction.
(d) Horror writing.

3. What killed Musides, in the end of "The Tree"?
(a) A sea-creature.
(b) A giant rock.
(c) An evil spirit.
(d) The olive tree.

4. Whose sculpture stands in a marble shrine in Corinth, in "The Tree"?
(a) Michaelangelo's.
(b) Kalos'.
(c) Musides'.
(d) Homer's.

5. What breaks out in the town, giving West a large number of cadavers, in "Herbert West-Reanimator"?
(a) Flu.
(b) Typhoid.
(c) Leprocy.
(d) Plague.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lovecraft writes, in "Supernatural Horror in Literature," that the oldest and strongest emotion in mankind is what?

2. Who "revelled by night amidst the urban gaieties of Tegea," in "The Tree"?

3. Where was "The Cats of Ulthar" first published?

4. What has happened to Tillinghast since the narrator had last seen him, in "From Beyond"?

5. What does the boy traveler, in "The Cats of Ulthar," do after being told of the cotter?

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