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• "Dagon" begins with a sailor recounting his experience of being cast adrift in a lifeboat, after a German Submarine sank his ship in the Pacific.

• Eventually, the sailor is able to escape in a lifeboat and for several days he drifts in the vast ocean, exposed to the hot sun and thirsty for water.

• One day, after a troubled sleep of fantastical dreams, the sailor awakes to find himself surrounded by dark ooze and what looks like land.

• After three days of sheltering himself on his stranded boat, the sailor decides to explore the newly exposed land around him.
• On the next night, spotting a strange monolith on a distant hill, the sailor sets off to explore it. He discovers it is engraved with a host of strange monoliths and creatures.

• Suddenly, one of the creatures arises from the sea and heads towards the monolith.

• The sailor...

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