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Abraham Verghese
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Marion spend most of his time off?
(a) Dating female residents.
(b) At the library.
(c) In his apartment.
(d) Watching others in the operating room.

2. What is Marion most angry about concerning Genet?
(a) Being robbed of his dreams.
(b) That she is in America.
(c) That she slept with Shiva.
(d) That she was in prison.

3. What does the person who comes to the house want to know?
(a) Where Zemui's motorcycle is.
(b) How the twins are doing.
(c) If his wife has been there to find him.
(d) Where Genet has gone.

4. What happens with Genet as the result of Rosina's action?
(a) She stabs the man she is supposed to marry.
(b) She gets an infection.
(c) Her nose is broken and heals wrong.
(d) She runs away from home.

5. Why is the Chief Resident anxious to impress the visiting doctor?
(a) The doctor is evaluating his skill.
(b) The doctor is successful and world-renown.
(c) The doctor can help him with his boards.
(d) He is hoping for a partnership.

6. Why is the doctor visiting the hospital?
(a) To meet Marion.
(b) To find doctors for his hospital.
(c) To assess the Chief Resident.
(d) To harvest donor organs.

7. About what does Rosina complain regarding Genet?
(a) She stays on the phone too much.
(b) She will not clean the house.
(c) All the boys are chasing her.
(d) She stays out too late.

8. Where does Rosina decide to take Genet?
(a) To the south to meet her maternal grandparents.
(b) To America.
(c) To see her father's family.
(d) To East Africa.

9. For what does the nurse practitioner thank Marion?
(a) Joining her in bed.
(b) Helping her with her medical studies.
(c) Bringing her a good book to read.
(d) Leaving her flowers.

10. What does Tisge have the day Marion meets her?
(a) A dying baby.
(b) A new car.
(c) A gold bracelet.
(d) A puppy.

11. What does Hema decide about Genet?
(a) She must go to her father's family.
(b) She may have inherited her mother's insanity.
(c) She cannot live with Rosina.
(d) She is a very brave girl.

12. What does the visiting doctor work involve at his hospital?
(a) Bone grafts.
(b) Liver transplants.
(c) Neurosurgery.
(d) Reattachment of limbs.

13. What do the nurses tell Marion to do with Dr. Popsy?
(a) Watch his technique carefully.
(b) Always call him Doctor Popsy.
(c) Talk to him about baseball.
(d) Contaminate him before he operates.

14. Why is Stone hesitate about Shiva's idea?
(a) It would kill Shiva to donate his whole liver.
(b) It has only been used on animals.
(c) They do not have time to acquire a baboon.
(d) The chemo will probably kill Marion.

15. What is one aspect of Stone's work for which he is most known?
(a) Research on the chemical component of healing.
(b) Transplant bodies recognizing foreign material.
(c) Reattaching a man's arm.
(d) Understanding the brain's memory centers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Marion go to celebrate passing his medical boards?

2. What is Ghosh's final wish to Marion?

3. Why does Marion visit Rosina's bungalow?

4. What does Marion think about Genet when she returns?

5. To whom does Marion pray about help for Ghosh?

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