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Abraham Verghese
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Almaz give Ghosh?
(a) Sister Mary is ill with African sleeping sickness.
(b) Hema married her third cousin.
(c) Hema has been killed in a plane crash.
(d) Sister Mary is dead.

2. How does Hema feel about Stone's response?
(a) She thinks he was too proud to wait for her.
(b) She finds it hard to believe.
(c) She thinks he should have blocked Patlet.
(d) She thinks he should have gone to the city for an extinguisher himself.

3. Why does Ghosh perform surgery on Mebratu?
(a) For practice.
(b) In hopes of receiving favor.
(c) In compassion.
(d) He refuses to perform surgery.

4. What has Koochooloo done?
(a) Had a litter of puppies.
(b) Bit Ghosh.
(c) Ran away.
(d) Bit Mebratu.

5. What does Matron hold as she sits with the family during the nights?
(a) A spear.
(b) A gun.
(c) A rosary.
(d) A Bible.

6. What does Hema do because of feeling guilty?
(a) Tries to find Sister Mary's relatives.
(b) Gives the twins more attention than her own children.
(c) Makes the twins study almost non-stop.
(d) Puts up with Ghosh's bad moods.

7. For what has the Emperor put out an offer of a reward?
(a) The return of his kidnapped son.
(b) Mebratu's head.
(c) Zemui's capture.
(d) The return of his crown taken when the palace was temporarily occupied.

8. From where does Sister Mary Praise's orders come?
(a) The parish.
(b) She has no orders.
(c) The bishop has control of her.
(d) The Pope.

9. Why does Hema call Ghosh in the middle of the night?
(a) Shiva has stopped breathing.
(b) She wants to know where Thomas Stone is.
(c) She loves him but has been afraid to say so.
(d) She is tired of taking care of the twins.

10. What question does Hema ask Stone?
(a) Why Mary was not brought in for prenatal examination.
(b) Why he let Patlet operate.
(c) Why Stone did not wait for Hema.
(d) Why there is no extinguisher in the room.

11. What nationality is Dr. Stone?
(a) English.
(b) French.
(c) Indian.
(d) American.

12. Why does the pilot do a stunt when Hema is flying with him?
(a) So he can make an emergency landing at the airport.
(b) To scare Hema.
(c) To see if his plane as a fuel problem.
(d) To impress his girlfriend on the ground.

13. Who gives birth to Genea and Almaz?
(a) Rosina.
(b) Zemia.
(c) Hema.
(d) Sister Mary.

14. What does Shiva take off?
(a) His bracelet from his birth.
(b) His anklet.
(c) A scarf Hema makes for him.
(d) A necklace.

15. Who yells at Hema when she arrives back at Missing?
(a) Mary Praise.
(b) Nabor.
(c) Gebrew.
(d) Jackon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Marion's life like as a toddler?

2. What happens to many of the passengers on the ship Mary Praise takes to Africa?

3. Why does Sister Mary go to the Missing Hospital?

4. What had Marion always been known as?

5. What does Marion have a difficult time believing?

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