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Short Answer Questions

1. Which group of Indians did Arthur Watkins target first in his work for the government?

2. What is the main problem for the Plains Indians?

3. By 1943, what was the Senate Interior Committee convinced should happen?

4. What, according to the author, did the white man discover that the American Indians still owned of value?

5. What does not overlap across state boundaries?

Short Essay Questions

1. In February 1954, approval was granted for Termination of Indians. Why were the four factors, which Zimmerman implemented in 1947 to classify tribal readiness for termination, not used?

2. What is the history of the Sioux who lived along the Missouri River?

3. What was the term "dependency," as used in the Delaware Treaty of September 17, 1778?

4. What are the 4 main rules to Rene Descartes' method of research? Was this a good method to examine the lives of Indians for Termination?

5. Who did the government go after first during the time of Termination?

6. What was Frank Church's attitude towards the Indian? Why was this line of thought so harmful during the time of Termination?

7. What happens every summer with work camps and teenagers? What do the teenagers learn in one month that adults do not understand? What is the author's point about this program?

8. What criteria, according to the author, do whites use to say that they "understand" Indians?

9. Describe the treatment of the Choctaws. Why was their treatment worse when compared to other Indian peoples?

10. What did anthropologists find about alcoholism on the reservation? What does the author think of this finding?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the struggle of the American Indian to the African American. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Give examples.

Essay Topic 2

What did the hippies take from Indian culture? How did they succeed? How and why did they fail?

Essay Topic 3

Why does the author believe that Indians will rule America again at some point? What does white America lack, in his opinion, that will turn the tide of white rule in America?

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