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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of hats to anthropologists wear?

2. What traditional Republican myth did Watkins insist on regarding the Indians?

3. Which group of Indians did Arthur Watkins target first in his work for the government?

4. What does not overlap across state boundaries?

5. Who, according to the author, is at fault for poverty among American Indians?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the problem with most books about American Indians, according to the author? What do the incorrect portrayals of the Indians do to harm the image of the Indian, and complicate understanding of the people by others?

2. Why was Termination such a tragedy for the people of the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin?

3. What was the Pickering Treaty? Why was it thus named? What was the final outcome of the Pickering Treaty?

4. How does the author describe anthropologists? What is his attitude and tone when discussing this group of people?

5. In February 1954, approval was granted for Termination of Indians. Why were the four factors, which Zimmerman implemented in 1947 to classify tribal readiness for termination, not used?

6. What are the Five Civilized Tribes and why are they referred to in this way?

7. What was Frank Church's attitude towards the Indian? Why was this line of thought so harmful during the time of Termination?

8. Describe the treatment of the Choctaws. Why was their treatment worse when compared to other Indian peoples?

9. Why are the American Indians lost when, in Congressional hearings, the chairman of the committee talks about the Anglo-Saxon heritage of law and order?

10. What criteria, according to the author, do whites use to say that they "understand" Indians?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How has the Christian church affected life on the reservation for Indians? How would the reservations be different today if the Christian church had never come to the reservations?

Essay Topic 2

Who was Oliver La Farge and why did he play a role in Indian affairs? How was he helpful to the American Indian? What does the author believe he was after?

Essay Topic 3

What is Paternalism and how does it relate to the relationship between the American government and the Bureau of Indian Affairs? Is this a relationship that can be altered in the future? How?

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