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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author believe anthropologists should do in the future?

2. What important work has the American Indian Historical Society of San Francisco done?

3. A 1791 Treaty with the Cherokees included what provision?

4. What principle did the case of Lone Wolf vs. Hitchcock put forth?

5. What other name is the Wheeler-Howard Act known by?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is teasing used as a teaching tool for Indians and how can it be used as a parenting tool?

2. What is the problem with most books about American Indians, according to the author? What do the incorrect portrayals of the Indians do to harm the image of the Indian, and complicate understanding of the people by others?

3. According to the author, what European background is the law of the United States built on?

4. What is paternalism?

5. Why was it important for white American to divide and conquer the Indians?

6. What happens every summer with work camps and teenagers? What do the teenagers learn in one month that adults do not understand? What is the author's point about this program?

7. What are the myths associated with Indian Affairs?

8. What are the 4 main rules to Rene Descartes' method of research? Was this a good method to examine the lives of Indians for Termination?

9. What is welfare based on?

10. Why are the American Indians lost when, in Congressional hearings, the chairman of the committee talks about the Anglo-Saxon heritage of law and order?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare the struggle of the American Indian to the African American. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Give examples.

Essay Topic 2

What was the early relationship of the whites and Indians? Why was the relationship better then?

Essay Topic 3

What is the author's opinion of welfare? Does he think it necessary for Indians? Why? Why not?

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