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Short Answer Questions

1. What, according to the author, is one of the finest things about being an Indian?

2. What phrases does Mr. Farb continue to use when talking about Indians?

3. How did the government get the Klamaths to agree to termination?

4. Who appointed Dillon Myer as Commissioner of Indian Affairs?

5. In the minds of most Indians, what is the best way to eradicate a species?

Short Essay Questions

1. In February 1954, approval was granted for Termination of Indians. Why were the four factors, which Zimmerman implemented in 1947 to classify tribal readiness for termination, not used?

2. What did anthropologists find about alcoholism on the reservation? What does the author think of this finding?

3. What is the history of the Sioux who lived along the Missouri River?

4. Why has the Indian Reorganization Act responded so well to fit the European white model?

5. How did Indians become citizens and what effect did this have on Termination?

6. Why are hunting and fishing rights important to the Indians of Idaho, Washington and Oregon at the time of this writing?

7. How did William Zimmerman, Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs classify existing tribes into categories for Termination?

8. Why are the American Indians lost when, in Congressional hearings, the chairman of the committee talks about the Anglo-Saxon heritage of law and order?

9. What happened to the Seneca Nation of New York?

10. What was Frank Church's attitude towards the Indian? Why was this line of thought so harmful during the time of Termination?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How can laws be open and creative and not restrictive? Give examples? If laws were written in the way, would this benefit all people? Why?

Essay Topic 2

What was the Civil Rights movement and who did it benefit? What role did American Indians play in this movement and how did it affect them?

Essay Topic 3

Name three important treaties and two important laws passed that were significant to the lives of American Indians. Explain your answers.

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