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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What television series began in 1967 that Indians fought to have banned?
(a) A series on Custer.
(b) A series on Davy Crockett.
(c) A series on Lewis and Clark.
(d) A series on Kennedy.

2. What is regarded as utter hypocrisy by the Indian people?
(a) Anthopologists caring about the Indian People.
(b) The attempt of churches to appear relevant to the social needs of the 1960's.
(c) The government caring about the Indian People.
(d) White Americans caring about the Indian People.

3. Who, according to the author, is at fault for poverty among American Indians?
(a) White America.
(b) The United States Government.
(c) The Indians.
(d) The Reorganization Act.

4. What political aspirations did the Seneca's accuse the government of having regarding the oldest Indian treaty?
(a) Senator Kennedy wanted to buy the land for his own family.
(b) President Kennedy needed the land to bargain with the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
(c) The dam was part of the price of keeping Pennsylvania in line for John F. Kennedy at the 1960 Democratic Convention.
(d) President Kennedy wanted to add the land to Camp David.

5. What principle did the case of Lone Wolf vs. Hitchcock put forth?
(a) That the tribes had titles of ownership to all land.
(b) That the tribes rent land from the government.
(c) That the tribes could give their land away if they wished.
(d) That the tribes have no title to the land at all, only occupancy rights.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year did the United States clear the eastern states of the former Indian allies?

2. What is the oldest Indian treaty between the United States and the Seneca tribe?

3. What other name is the Dawes Act known by?

4. What happened to most of the treaties in the far west of the country?

5. How much was the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin awarded?

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