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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do anthropologists believe Indians drink?
(a) Because they have weak father figures.
(b) Because they are alcoholics.
(c) Because life on the reservation is like a party.
(d) Because they are caught between two worlds.

2. According to the author, for those whites who do not claim Indian heritage, what asset do they have that connects them with American Indians?
(a) They understand Indians.
(b) They donate to Indian colleges.
(c) They ARE Indians.
(d) They have friends who are Indians.

3. What, according to the author at the end of chapter 1, should the government do about the Indians?
(a) Begin talks with the federal government on land rights.
(b) Establish a cultural inclusion policy.
(c) Establish a cultural leave-us-alone agreement.
(d) Pass laws removing all federal government from Indian proceedings.

4. What is the best way for tribes to handle their reservation conflicts?
(a) In traditional Indian fashion.
(b) With government intervention.
(c) With outside help.
(d) With new rules established by white men.

5. What act was passed by the American government in 1934?
(a) The Indian Reorganization Act.
(b) The Reservation School Act.
(c) The American Indian Poverty Act.
(d) The Indian Settlement Act.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the minds of most Indians, what is the best way to eradicate a species?

2. What is the main problem for the Plains Indians?

3. What kind of groups, according to the author, do people have little sympathy for?

4. Among the Sioux in the Dakotas, what was the Sun Dance reinterpreted as?

5. What is the highest form of behavior in the Native American Church?

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