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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which group of Indians did Arthur Watkins target first in his work for the government?
(a) Southwest Indians.
(b) The Cheyenne.
(c) Indians in his home state of Utah.
(d) Indians east of the Mississippi.

2. What provision did Watkins attach to the bill for the Menominee distribution of judgment money?
(a) A provision for mineral rights.
(b) A provision for water rights.
(c) A provision for hunting rights.
(d) A provision of termination.

3. What traditional Republican myth did Watkins insist on regarding the Indians?
(a) The Indians want to control their own destiny.
(b) The Indians should become Christian.
(c) The Indians would be better off on their own, without government involvement.
(d) That the state would be more efficient than the Federal Government in caring for them.

4. Why did the Indians support Urban Renewal?
(a) They thought they could get a piece of the action moneywise.
(b) They thought it might help urban Indians.
(c) They joked that everyone else would move to the city and they could fence them off and run buffalo all over the country again.
(d) They thought that African Americans could use the support.

5. Who saved the Florida Seminoles from termination?
(a) Congress.
(b) Arthur Watkins.
(c) The D.A.R. or Daughters of the American Revolution.
(d) The governor of Florida.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Klamath Bill have to be amended?

2. In 1964, what percentage of Indian thought the United States should get out of America?

3. What was the decision about the Pottawatomie of Kansas during the time of termination?

4. When death is unreal, how does this affect violence?

5. What had Dillon Myer been in charge of during World War II?

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