Daily Lessons for Teaching Curse of the Starving Class

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Reading a play is different than reading a novel or non-fiction publication. Students must be aware of narration, dialogue and stage directions to fully understand what is occurring in the play. The objective of this lesson is to prepare students to read the play "Curse of the Starving Class".

1) Small Group Activity: Divide the class into small groups of three to four students. Each group chooses an element of a play and writes a paragraph explaining what the element is and how it is used in a play in general. Student groups should be prepared to share their responses with the class.

2) In-Class Writing: Students individually write a half-page response comparing and contrasting a play to a piece of fiction. What elements are present in both? Which elements are specific to that genre?

3) Class Discussion: What elements are present in a play that are not present...

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