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Act 1

• Act One opens with Wesley gathering debris of a broken door into a wheelbarrow. Ella, Wesley's mother, enters in her bathrobe and slippers.

• Ella tells Wesley he should not be cleaning up the mess, since he is not the one who breaks the door. Wesley asks Ella if she calls the cops the previous night. Ella says that she does because she is being threatened.

• Wesley disagrees with her because it is just his father banging on the door. Ella counters, saying that he is drunk, and he can figure out another way to get into the house.

• While Wesley continues to work, he speaks about what he hears, sees and feals while lying in his bed, including hearing his father come home. Wesley exits the stage after finishing his speech.

• Ella begins talking to herself about a girl's first period when her daughter, Emma, enters. Ella...

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