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Short Answer Questions

1. Who physically attacks Abigail in court?

2. Who orders John Proctor to be executed despite his confession?

3. Who denounces the court at the end of Act 3?

4. Cheever and Herrick arrive at the Proctor's with an arrest warrant. Who is it for?

5. Who does Parris reveal that Abigail disappeared with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Toward the end of Act 3, John Proctor finally attacks Abigail physically in court. What sends him over the edge?

2. In Act 2, what is Elizabeth Proctor accused of doing to Abigail?

3. Hale is suspicious of John Proctor's religious commitment. Why?

4. When Parris visits the prison, he appears tired and stressed out. Why?

5. Why won't Danforth just pardon Rebecca Nurse?

6. Giles thinks Mr. Putnam has other motives for suggesting witchcraft. What does Giles accuse Mr. Putnam of?

7. What is Giles' wife accused of when she is arrested for witchcraft?

8. The town of Salem isn't doing well. What are some examples of how bad things have gotten since the trials?

9. Describe Tituba's state of mind at the opening of Act 4.

10. What commandment does John Proctor forget and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Select one character and analyze how the theme of blame and guilt applies to that character.

Essay Topic 2

What is the most important lesson to be learned from this play? Use specific examples to support all claims.

Essay Topic 3

Choose one character from the play. To what extent does selfishness lead this character through the play? Does this self-focus serve as an advantage or a disadvantage to that character? How do the other characters view this selfish behavior? What is Miller trying to tell the reader by using the theme of selfishness with this character? Use specific examples to support all claims.

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