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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John Proctor tears something to pieces in Act 2. What is it?
(a) The arrest warrant.
(b) The deed to Parris' house.
(c) The newspaper.
(d) A love note from Abigail.

2. Elizabeth asks that no one mention this word to her children. What is it?
(a) Murder.
(b) Adultery.
(c) Death.
(d) Witchcraft.

3. When Elizabeth is asked why she fired Abigail, what does she say?
(a) She fired Abigail out of jealousy.
(b) She fired Abigail for witchcraft.
(c) She fired Abigail for trying to kill her.
(d) She fired Abigail for being lazy.

4. What is incriminating about the doll found in John Proctor's house toward the end of Act 2?
(a) It has a needle in it and Abigail was found with a needle in her stomach.
(b) Elizabeth created the doll as a Voodoo tool.
(c) Mary stuck the doll with a needle in order to hurt Abigail.
(d) A woman of Elizabeth's age shouldn't be playing with dolls.

5. How much was stolen from Parris' strongbox?
(a) Thirty-three pounds.
(b) Thirty pounds.
(c) Three hundred pounds.
(d) Thirty-one pounds.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the end of Act 3, someone calls John Proctor "the devil's man" and betrays him. Who is it?

2. How are the people in the trial "tested" for witchcraft?

3. When John Proctor gets home from seeding the farm, he learns that Mary has been gone all day. Where was she?

4. What does Cheever accuse John Proctor of doing on the Sabbath?

5. In court, Abigail claims that Mary is bewitching her by doing what to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. The town of Salem isn't doing well. What are some examples of how bad things have gotten since the trials?

2. When Parris visits the prison, he appears tired and stressed out. Why?

3. Why doesn't Hale believe John Proctor when he tells Hale that Abigail admitted they were just dancing and not practicing any witchcraft?

4. In nearby Andover, the courts were overthrown and now Parris wants Danforth to delay any more trials. What is he worried about?

5. John Proctor will confess verbally, but won't sign the confession. Why?

6. Describe Tituba's state of mind at the opening of Act 4.

7. Why doesn't John Proctor want to go to the trials and show that Abigail is lying?

8. Why is John Proctor arrested at the end of Act 3?

9. Elizabeth is worried that Abigail will do something and she turns out to be right. What is it?

10. What is Giles' wife accused of when she is arrested for witchcraft?

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