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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rebecca Nurse say say is afflicting Ruth and Betty?
(a) A serious flu.
(b) A mild sore throat.
(c) A spell cast by the devil.
(d) A childish fit.

2. What does Abigail claim John Proctor freed her from?
(a) Work as a servant.
(b) A well she fell into when she was little.
(c) Salem's false piety.
(d) Her moral shackles.

3. Giles Corey feels Parris is too concerned with wealth. What does he offer as an example?
(a) Parris asked for the deed to his own house.
(b) Parris wanted to be paid on a monthly basis.
(c) Parris asked for a four bedroom home.
(d) Parris asked for extra firewood.

4. Who asks Rebecca Nurse to treat his daughter?
(a) Giles Corey.
(b) Parris.
(c) John Proctor.
(d) Mr. Putnam.

5. What does Abigail ultimately want from John Proctor?
(a) She wants him to kill his wife.
(b) She wants to continue the affair.
(c) She wants him to give her money.
(d) She wants him to rehire her.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John Proctor reminds Mr. Putnam that "votes are not granted by the acre." What is he implying?

2. What does Abigail call Elizabeth Proctor when discussing her reputation in Act 1?

3. Why does John Proctor threaten to whip Abigail?

4. When Hale arrives, what is he carrying?

5. What is Parris's relationship to Abigail?

Short Essay Questions

1. Giles tells Hale that John Proctor doesn't believe in witches. What is John Proctor's response?

2. Giles thinks Mr. Putnam has other motives for suggesting witchcraft. What does Giles accuse Mr. Putnam of?

3. Why won't Danforth just pardon Rebecca Nurse?

4. Why could Abigail be considered a mean character?

5. Rebecca suggests that they put their faith in "God and the doctor." Why is this an ironic statement?

6. When Reverend Hale first arrives, he enters Parris' home carrying something. What is he carrying and why would the author choose this object for this character?

7. Describe John Proctor.

8. In Act 2, what is Elizabeth Proctor accused of doing to Abigail?

9. To what extent is Betty really sick?

10. Why did Mrs. Putnam ask Ruth and Tituba to go into the forest?

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