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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who suggests that Parris deny the rumor of witchcraft?
(a) Mary.
(b) Abigail.
(c) Mercy.
(d) Tituba.

2. What does Abigail claim was in the kettle in the forest?
(a) Soup.
(b) Blood.
(c) Apple cider.
(d) Nothing.

3. Abigail is sure that John Proctor still has feelings for her. What example does she use to back up her claim?
(a) He sends her love letters.
(b) He looks up at her bedroom window.
(c) He made her a necklace.
(d) He argues with his wife a lot.

4. When the girls list the other names of people they've seen with the devil, what does Hale do?
(a) Sends for them to be brought back in irons.
(b) Laughs and says that is ridiculous.
(c) Sends Parris to jail.
(d) Issues a death warrant.

5. At the end of Act 1, what does Mr. Putnam threaten to do?
(a) He threatens to leave.
(b) He threatens to stop chopping firewood.
(c) He threatens to kill Parris.
(d) He threatens to sue.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Parris want the deed to his own house?

2. When John Proctor reminds Mr. Putnam that "votes are not granted by the acre." What is he implying?

3. What does Abigail accuse Tituba of making her do?

4. Who suggests that everyone put their faith in God and the doctor?

5. What is Mary afraid will happen to her and her friends if they are found guilty of witchcraft?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe John Proctor.

2. When Reverend Hale first arrives, he enters Parris' home carrying something. What is he carrying and why would the author choose this object for this character?

3. Where is Betty's mother in Act 1?

4. There is a disagreement about the kettle in the forest. Who disagrees and what about?

5. Is Parris's main concern only for his daughter's health?

6. In Act 1, when Abigail feels cornered by Hale, she shifts the blame. Who does she blame onto and for what?

7. Why does Abigail dislike Elizabeth Proctor so much?

8. Giles tells Hale that John Proctor doesn't believe in witches. What is John Proctor's response?

9. Why might John Proctor not attend Parris' sermons?

10. Why do John Proctor and Mr. Putnam not like one another?

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