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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 21-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who thinks Ruth and Betty are simply suffering from a childish fit?
(a) Abigail.
(b) Rebecca Nurse.
(c) John Proctor.
(d) Tituba.

2. Which adult was involved in putting the girls up to "conjuration"?
(a) Parris.
(b) Mrs. Putnam.
(c) Mr. Putnam.
(d) John Proctor.

3. John Proctor scolds Mary at the beginning of Act 1. What has she done that makes him angry?
(a) She ate the last piece of bread.
(b) She left the house without permission.
(c) She spilled wine on the table.
(d) She forgot to put the horses in the stable.

4. Giles Corey feels Parris is too concerned with wealth. What does he offer as an example?
(a) Parris asked for a four bedroom home.
(b) Parris wanted to be paid on a monthly basis.
(c) Parris asked for extra firewood.
(d) Parris asked for the deed to his own house.

5. When Susan leaves the Parris household she is asked a favor. What is it?
(a) She is asked not to mention the supernatural.
(b) She is asked to bring the doctor for a second opinion.
(c) She is asked to close the door behind her.
(d) Shis asked to pray for Betty.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does John Proctor threaten to whip Abigail?

2. Where did Hale find a witch the year before the current action in the play?

3. Why does Abigail slap Betty in Act 1?

4. How does John Proctor describe Parris' sermons?

5. Who suggests that everyone put their faith in God and the doctor?

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