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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Pages 1-20)


Act 1, Pages 1-2

Arthur Miller chose to write this as a play as opposed to any other form (essay, poem, article). The objective of this lesson is to examine the unique aspects of drama and the advantages of the form as a means of artistic expression for Miller's purposes.


1) Class Discussion: Have volunteers from the class read the first act out loud. Then begin class discussion. How was hearing the play different from reading it? Which do students prefer? Why? What does hearing the words do that reading them doesn't?

2) Movie & Writing Activity: Students will view a taped version of the play. They will then write a short synopsis. What was it like to watch professionals act out this play? How was it different from reading the play? What makes a play different from fiction. Why?

3) Acting & Class Discussion: The class will perform the first...

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