The Crucible Character Descriptions

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Ezekiel Cheever

This character is a tailor and a clerk of the court who places great importance on work, which this character sees as holy.

Giles Corey

An old person, this character is "knotted with muscle, canny, inquisitive, and still powerful." This character is killed by torture, but still does not confess.

Deputy Governor Danforth

This character has a strong and proficient appearance, but is at times distracted and uncomprehending of the proceedings he presides over. This character allows people to be executed despite their innocence, simply because others have already been killed and it would make the court look bad.

Goody Sarah Good

This character is a ragged and crazy and seems to live on the edge of community life. The fact that this character is eventually jailed as a witch suggests how eager the townspeople are to condemn anyone who does not conform to the accepted...

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