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Act 1, Pages 1-20

• Reverend Parris is worried about his daughter Betty who appears to be sick. The doctor says the cause must be 'supernatural'.
• Reverend Parris saw his niece, Abigail, Tituba, his daughter, and her friends in the forest dancing and is afraid they were involved in witchcraft.
• Mrs. Putnam's daughter (and friend of Betty) is also ill. Parris calls Reverend Hale, "an expert in demonic arts," to help.
• Mrs. Putnam admits she put Ruth and Tituba up to talking to the dead in order to discover why her children keep dying.
• When the girls are alone, Betty wakes up. The girls are afraid. Abigail drank a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor. She threatens the girls telling them not to admit to anything but dancing.

Act 1, Pages 21-32

• Abigail attempts to continue her affair with John Proctor, but he refuses.
• Betty screams when a psalm is sung. Rebecca...

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