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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Rawlings feel about her life in Cross Creek after returning from her river adventure with Dessie?

2. What type of animal was Ferdinand?

3. According to Rawlings, the test of true beauty was the ability to withstand what?

4. According to Rawlings, what color did the sky turn when a hurricane was close?

5. According to Rawlings, what color ant ate only dead tissue and had a deadly bite?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Rawlings kill the cottonmouth snake she found in her house?

2. How were Dessie and Rawlings greeted by the locals, both black and white, in the coastal towns they visited?

3. How did Rawlings and Dessie navigate the maze of tributaries that were not listed on Rawlings's river map?

4. How did Martha and Rawlings define "varmint"?

5. What weapons did Rawlings believe all African-American servants had over their employers?

6. Who was Racket?

7. What did Rawlings learn about her fear of snakes while she was out hunting with Ross?

8. Why did Rawlings fire Raymond?

9. How did Rawlings overcome her fear of snakes?

10. How was Rawlings feeling about her life at the time when Dessie invited her on a river trip?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the memoir first opens, Rawlings spends a lot of time discussing the land of Cross Creek and her relationship to it. First, describe the land as Rawlings did in the opening of the memoir. What were your first impressions of the land? Did Rawlings's first impression of Cross Creek remain the same for the duration of the memoir?

Essay Topic 2

Geechee proves to be a symbol of the plight of black servants in the Rawlings's era. First, describe Geechee's physicality and describe how she came to work on Rawlings' farm. Then, describe the personal troubles Geechee had in her life and how she dealt with them. What was the effect of these personal problems on Geechee's relationship with Rawlings? Do you agree that Geechee could be seen as a symbol for the plight of all black servants during this time?

Essay Topic 3

The people of Cross Creek were often plagued with poverty although Rawlings rarely states this blatantly. Choose one family from Cross Creek and describe their poverty. How did the family come to be so poor? How did they deal with their poverty? In what ways did Rawlings succeed in showing the poverty of Cross Creek without having to state it directly? How did living among the poor in Cross Creek affect Rawlings's own relationship with money?

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