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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of animal was Racket?

2. Which of the following birds did Rawlings watch daily and claim were "honeymooning"?

3. Which of the following dead animals was thought to induce rain in Cross Creek?

4. In what room of her house was the baby cottonmouth snake that Rawlings killed?

5. What holiday did the old man who showed up on Rawlings's doorstep believe was Thanksgiving?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Rawlings feel when Kate's brother was in town?

2. What problem arose when Fatty Blake held a two-county free dinner?

3. How did Rawlings kill the cottonmouth snake she found in her house?

4. How did Rawlings feel about the yachtsman she met in Sanford?

5. What trouble did Rawlings get into with her neighbors around Christmas in regard to her staff?

6. What trouble did ants give Rawlings during planting season on the farm?

7. What vegetables were regularly eaten in Cross Creek?

8. What weapons did Rawlings believe all African-American servants had over their employers?

9. What type of snakes lived on Rawlings's property, and how did she feel about these different varieties?

10. How did the work around Rawlings's farm change in the heat of the summer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did Widow Slater's religious beliefs affect her daily life and the life of her children? How did Rawlings treat the Widow Slater and her family? How did Rawlings's treatment of the family compare to the way she represented the family in the text? What can the reader learn about Rawlings's own religious beliefs through witnessing her reaction to Widow Slater's?

Essay Topic 2

Geechee proves to be a symbol of the plight of black servants in the Rawlings's era. First, describe Geechee's physicality and describe how she came to work on Rawlings' farm. Then, describe the personal troubles Geechee had in her life and how she dealt with them. What was the effect of these personal problems on Geechee's relationship with Rawlings? Do you agree that Geechee could be seen as a symbol for the plight of all black servants during this time?

Essay Topic 3

In one chapter of the memoir, Rawlings and Martha spend time discussing their definition of the word "varmint." First, define the word "varmint" as it pertains to animals and to people. As a reader, what was your reaction to this definition? Did you think it was fair? Then, choose at least one example of an animal considered to be a varmint and one person considered to be a varmint. Do you think these subjects would still be considered "varmint" in today's society?

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