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Short Answer Questions

1. Which bird was considered illegal to cook and eat in Cross Creek?

2. Which of the following topics were frogs generally associated with?

3. In what room of her house was the baby cottonmouth snake that Rawlings killed?

4. Which of the following baked goods was considered from "the high caste"?

5. According to Rawlings, what color did the sky turn when a hurricane was close?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of relationship did Rawlings have with the frogs that overtook Cross Creek in springtime?

2. How was Rawlings feeling about her life at the time when Dessie invited her on a river trip?

3. What types of bread were regularly served in Cross Creek, and which was Rawlings's favorite?

4. Why did Rawlings fire Raymond?

5. Why did Rawlings keep cows on her farm?

6. How did Rawlings feel when Kate's brother was in town?

7. How did Rawlings kill the cottonmouth snake she found in her house?

8. What trouble did Rawlings get into with her neighbors around Christmas in regard to her staff?

9. How did the work around Rawlings's farm change in the heat of the summer?

10. What vegetables were regularly eaten in Cross Creek?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout her time in Cross Creek, Rawlings performed many remodeling tasks to her residence, transforming it into a real home. Choose one of the major remodeling jobs Rawlings completed on her home and describe it. Who helped Rawlings with this task? Why did she want to complete it? Then, describe how Rawlings's desire to remodel her home mirrored her desire to remodel herself. How did Rawlings change emotionally as her residence became a home?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the course of the memoir, Rawlings both hires servants. How does Rawlings' describe "wage-slavery"? how does this compare to other hired servants? Describe Rawlings's personal beliefs concerning the effects white people have on the lives on the black servants they hire. What role did Rawlings believe she had on the lives of her servants. Do you agree with her beliefs?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Rawlings's closest ally on the farm was Black Martha. What role did Martha play on the farm? How did Martha's family treat Rawlings, who was essentially their boss? How did Rawlings's relationship with Martha change her as a person? What lessons did Rawlings learn from Martha? Do you think Martha was a positive or negative influence on Rawlings's life in Cross Creek?

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