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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following physical problems did Rodney suffer from?

2. How many acres of land did Rawlings inherit in Cross Creek?

3. What did Martha's young boy throw on Rawlings's horse frightening it?

4. How did Rawlings feel about her black neighbors in Cross Creek?

5. Where did the cow kick Rawlings the first time she tried to milk it?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Geechee and Rawlings meet?

2. What type of relationship did Rawlings notice between young and old magnolia trees while she was living in Cross Creek?

3. What type of relationship did Rawlings have with Black Aunt Martha Mickens?

4. How did Rawlings describe the woman playing piano that she met while taking census information with Zelda?

5. Why did Rawlings decide to build an indoor shower for herself?

6. Who was Tim, and why did he leave Rawlings's property?

7. Why did Mr. Swilley believe that Rawlings was in love with him, and why did Rawlings let him go from her service?

8. After she left Rawlings's home for the first time, what type of working relationship did Geechee have with the farm?

9. How did Rawlings come to shoot a pig in her garden?

10. How did the Townsends entertain Rawlings at their pound party?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the opening of the memoir, Rawlings is quick to point out all her personal flaws to the reader, particularly in regard to her skills at Cross Creek. First, explain how Rawlings came to live on Cross Creek. Was she prepared for this move to the farmland? How did Rawlings's personal history lead her to list all her personal flaws. In the end, do you think these personal flaws helped or hindered Rawlings during the time she lived on Cross Creek?

Essay Topic 2

Rawlings had a fascination with the flowers in Cross Creek but particularly with the magnolia trees. First, describe the magnolia trees and explain their life cycle. What relationship do young magnolia trees have to old magnolia trees? What symbolism did Rawlings find in the groves of magnolia trees? How did Rawlings's relationship with the magnolia trees in Cross Creek directly mirror or reflect her relationship with her own family?

Essay Topic 3

At the end of the memoir, Rawlings struggles to come to terms with the idea of land ownership. First, describe what Rawlings believes is the responsibility of an owner to their land. Do you think Rawlings embodied these responsibilities? Then, explain who or what Rawlings believes is the true owner of land. In Rawlings's opinion, who owns Cross Creek? Do you agree with her?

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