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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following medical conditions was Widow Slater suffering from?

2. What type of people did Rawlings claim had "been put through the sieve and [now] stand nakedly"?

3. Which of Moe's relatives was once superintendent of Rawlings's orange groves?

4. Which of the following was Burnt Island NOT known to harbor?

5. How many black families lived in Rawlings's neighborhood in Cross Creek.

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of relationship did Rawlings have with Leroy?

2. Why did Rawlings decide to build an indoor shower for herself?

3. What type of relationship did Rawlings have with the Mickens family while they were employed by her?

4. What parts of Cross Creek added to its beauty, as Rawlings recollected it in the opening chapter of the memoir?

5. Who was Tim, and why did he leave Rawlings's property?

6. What type of relationship did George Fairbanks have with women?

7. What experience with outhouses did Rawlings have when she was growing up?

8. How did Rawlings help Snow Slater after he was abandoned by his family?

9. What connection did Rawlings see between African-American children and imagination through her experiences with Patsy?

10. How did Rawlings become involved in the Townsend children's education?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Rawlings often claims to love her servants and to treat them with respect, she often speaks about them, and even to them, in a profoundly racist way. First, describe Rawlings's stance on racism in Cross Creek. What does she blame racism on? Then, describe at least two examples of times when Rawlings regarded her servants in a racist way. What was the reaction from the staff to this treatment? As a reader, what was your reaction to Rawlings's racist statements? Would you consider Rawlings to be a hypocrite?

Essay Topic 2

Rawlings had a fascination with the flowers in Cross Creek but particularly with the magnolia trees. First, describe the magnolia trees and explain their life cycle. What relationship do young magnolia trees have to old magnolia trees? What symbolism did Rawlings find in the groves of magnolia trees? How did Rawlings's relationship with the magnolia trees in Cross Creek directly mirror or reflect her relationship with her own family?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout her time in Cross Creek, Rawlings performed many remodeling tasks to her residence, transforming it into a real home. Choose one of the major remodeling jobs Rawlings completed on her home and describe it. Who helped Rawlings with this task? Why did she want to complete it? Then, describe how Rawlings's desire to remodel her home mirrored her desire to remodel herself. How did Rawlings change emotionally as her residence became a home?

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