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1. What parts of Cross Creek added to its beauty, as Rawlings recollected it in the opening chapter of the memoir?

Rawlings remembered Cross Creek as an almost enchanted patch of land, famous for its lake shore beauty. Citrus groves, birds, flowering trees, pine forests and hamaca all added to the land's beauty, and it becomes clear to the reader that Rawlings had a deep affection for the flora and fauna in Cross Creek.

2. What type of relationship did Rawlings have with Black Aunt Martha Mickens?

Rawlings had a friendly, even admiring relationship with Black Aunt Martha Mickens whom Rawlings claimed was the stabilizing force in the neighborhood. She describes Black Aunt Martha Mickens as being old, wise, and kind. Black Aunt Martha Mickens was also the first person to give Rawlings her nickname, "Little Miss."

3. How did Rawlings come to live in Cross Creek?

Rawlings moved to Cross Creek after inheriting a house and orange groves. She was hesitant to move to Cross Creek but quickly found that the land felt almost enchanted with beauty. Rawlings was not afraid to work hard on her land and didn't judge her neighbors, so she earned respect in the neighborhood and soon felt as if she truly belonged.

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