Criss Cross Short Essay - Answer Key

Lynne Rae Perkins
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1. What does Debbie see in her sister's magazine, and what does she think about when she sees it?

Debbie scanning through the pages of her older sister's teen magazine, looking at the happy smiling faces of boys and girls, some happy couples, and wishing that something, just one good thing, would happen to her soon.

2. What does Debbie think about how one should say a wish?

As she re-words her wish, she contemplates that wording wishes correctly is difficult. One does not want to phrase it in a manner that would be harmful to anyone else.

3. What happens as Debbie is saying the final words of her wish?

As she poses the final wording of her wish, the necklace she wears, which has a faulty clasp, falls from her neck onto a picture of a happy teenage couple. She re-clasps the necklace.

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