Criss Cross Character Descriptions

Lynne Rae Perkins
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Debbie Pelbry

A young teen in search of her identity, she is experiencing all of the emotions and struggles of early adolescence.


Though he lives on the other side of the small town of Seldem, he obviously attends the same school and moves in the same circles as Debbie, Lenny, Phil and Patty.


A study in contrasts, he is an inquisitive young man who spent much of his childhood reading a set of encyclopedias.

Mrs. Bruning

A feisty, independent senior citizen,she employs Debbie to assist her with housekeeping on the weekends.

Peter Bruning

Arriving with his parents at his grandmother's home, he offers to remain with his grandmother for a week.


She is a friend of Debbie's and, consequently, of the others in their small group.

Mrs. Pelbry

A typical mother, she obviously cares for her daughters and has created a warm home environment...

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