Criss Cross Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lynne Rae Perkins
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Chapters 1-5: The Catch; Hector Goes into a Sponge State and Has a Satori; Boys, Dogs, Science Fiction; Rodeo Show; Leg Buds

• Debbie looks through her older sister's teen magazines, and wishes that something good would happen to her soon.

• She thinks about how she words her wish and decides that wishes have to be worded properly so no one is hurt by the wish.

• As she says her final wording on her wish her necklace falls off her neck onto a picture of a happy teenage couple. She replaces her necklace.

• Hector, a young man who lives in another part of town from Debbie is average next to his beautiful sister, Rowanne.

• Hector's main concern this summer is his appearance and wishes that fate would make him handsome and more buff in a few years.
• Rowanne and Hector visit a coffee shop and Hector is mesmerized by...

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