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Act 1

• Lenny Magrath arrives home carrying groceries, a suitcase, and a saxophone case.

• She takes cookies and a candle out of the grocery bag, and attempts to light the candle so she can sing Happy Birthday to herself.

• Chick. Lenny's cousin and neighbor interrupts her, and Lenny hides the evidence of her celebration.

• Chick has arrived to pick up Babe, Lenny's sister, from prison.

• Lenny reveals that she has telegraphed Meg, their other sister, who may be arriving shortly.

• Chick is aflutter with disgraceful news about Babe, the youngest Magrath sister, who is being held at the police station for shooting her husband, Zackery. The incident is even more sensational than normal because Zackery is a state senator. Chick has been waiting on Lenny to return from the store with some new panty hose, which she now struggles to put on. Her father is putting up Babe's bail...

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