Crazy Weekend: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Summarize the story of CRAZY WEEKEND.

CRAZY WEEKEND by Gary Soto centers on Hector and Mando, two seventh grade boys from East Los Angeles, who visit Hector's photographer Uncle Julio in Fresno for a weekend. They witness a robbery, and when chased by the robbers, Hector and Mando must defend themselves.

2. Who are Hector and Mando and why have they taken a train to Fresno, California?

In Chapter 1, Hector Beltran and his blood brother (or best friend) Mando Tafolla are both seventh graders from East Los Angeles, California. It is February. They step off a train in Fresno, California. It is freezing and foggy. They look for Hector's uncle. Hector's mother has sent the boys to Fresno for a three-day weekend because they had been bored. She wants them to see another part of the world. Hector and Mando imagine going to Paris, Madrid or Acapulco. Instead they end up in Fresno.

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