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This is a cold and foggy city in central California where Uncle Julio lives.

East Los

This is a rough neighborhood full of litter, broken wine bottles, graffiti and cars parked on the sidewalk. I

Crank call

This is when a caller hangs up immediately or plays a joke on the person s/he calls.

Super Bowl Salad

This is a culinary dish prepared creatively by Uncle Julio.


This is Uncle Julio's preferred brand of camera.

Cessna 143

This is a type of small airplane.

The Fresno Bee

This is the local newspaper where Uncle Julio sells the photos of the robbery and Hector and Mando are featured for the Today's Youth column.

Inouye Farm

This is a farm that grows oranges and is owned by one family.

Paul Kanzaki's Photo Studio

This is where Uncle Julio goes to get his photos touched up.

Uncle Julio's apartment

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