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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

• Seventh graders Hector Beltran and his best friend Mando Tafolla from East Los Angeles arrive in Fresno, California, via the train.

• Hector's mother has sent the boys on a three-day-weekend to visit with Hector's Uncle Julio because the boys are bored and she wants them to see another part of the world.

• Uncle Julio breaks through the foggy weather to greet the boys, walking with a cane due to an injury falling out of a parked airplane.

• When he was in the Air Force, Julio became a photographer and that is his work now.
• Julio takes the boys to his apartment above a garage, furnished sparely because Julio is a single man recovering from a divorce.

• Julio takes Hector and Mando on a photo shoot in which he must take aerial photos of a farm.

• Julio introduces the boys to the pilot, Stewart, and they...

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