Objects & Places from Crazy Rich Asians

Kevin Kwan
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Dead Fish

This object found in Rachel's purse during the bachelorette weekend represents the cruelty of the upper-class attendees.

Blue Jay

This creature represents an attempt at achieving the impossible. It appears before Nick and Colin, prompting Colin to suggest Nick look to the creature as himself.

Manilla Envelope

This object represents Eleanor's work to sabotage Rachel and Nick's relationship. The information related in it comes from a private investigator.

Tyersall Park

This expansive mansion represents wealth and Nick's potential inheritance from his family.

The Calthorpe Hotel

This setting represents the flaunting of wealth. When Felicity and Eleanor are insulted by the manager of the establishment, Felicity's husband purchased it outright.

Astrid's earrings

These objects symbolize consumerism as a coping mechanism. They cost $784,000.


This figure in the novel represents childlike greed and jealousy.


This represents Michael's carefree childhood that he misses.

New York City

This setting...

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