Crazy Rich Asians Character Descriptions

Kevin Kwan
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Nick Young

This character is an Oxford graduate with a law and history double major. He is currently a professor at New York University, and has fallen in love with a woman with a vastly different background from his. He proposes to take his girlfriend home with him for the summer, but does not prepare her for his family's wealth and fame.

Rachel Chu

This character is a 29-year-old Stanford graduate who teaches economics at New York University. In the course of the novel, she travels with her boyfriend to his home in Singapore, where she is bullied and ostracized by his wealthy family.

Eleanor Young

This character is obsessed with social status and the rigid social structure of Singapore. She vehemently opposes her son's relationship with a woman of a low class who was born in China.

Astrid Leong

This character is married and has a three-year-old son...

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