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Short Answer Questions

1. What religion is Vernon's family?

2. What does Vernon's science teacher promise?

3. Why does Vernon say his father quit school?

4. What are the two subjects Vernon has an F in?

5. What does Milt tell Vernon he'll give him from the store?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Vernon thinking when Steph arrives home that night?

2. How does the question of the Special Olympics come up?

3. What are the tasks Vernon, Maxine and Ronald do to clean up Maxine's yard?

4. What does Maxine say was her first impression of the city when she arrived from Carolina?

5. What does Miss Annie say about having met Vernon prior to his coming to her for tutoring? Why is Vernon embarrassed?

6. Describe the yard Ronald where Ronald stops to stare for so long, and how does Ronald's vision of the yard differ from Vernon's?

7. What causes an argument between Ben and Vernon almost as soon as Vernon arrives home from cleaning Maxine's yard?

8. Why does Miss Marlow say she's visiting?

9. What kinds of help do others on the block offer when word gets out that Vernon is putting on a carnival to raise money for Ronald's new shoes?

10. What does Vernon discover happens to the neighborhood once he's in junior high?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Vernon initially tries to hide the fact that he's spending time with Maxine, Ronald and Miss Annie. Why? What are some of the things he does to try to keep his activities secret? Does he succeed? Should he have tried to hide?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Vernon as the story opens. How does he change over the course of the story? Why does he change?

Essay Topic 3

Who has stepped into the role of "mother" for Vernon's family after the death of their own mother? List some of her responsibilities. What is her reaction when Vernon's dad creates the schedule for everyone to take turns with the dishes? What are the reactions of the other children? Do you believe it's fair?

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