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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the suggestion Jerry makes when Ronald argues that Maxine is "mostly" a good mother?
(a) That he should let the officials decide.
(b) That he should tell Miss Marlow.
(c) That he should talk to Miss Annie about it.
(d) That he should help Maxine give up liquor.

2. Where is the mailbox where Vernon mails his letter?
(a) Three blocks away in a rough neighborhood.
(b) Near the city park.
(c) On the corner.
(d) In front of Milt's.

3. Who gets Ronald ready for the Special Olympics?
(a) Maxine.
(b) Miss Annie.
(c) Vernon.
(d) Miss Moore.

4. Why does Vernon come home early from school that Wednesday in chapter 21?
(a) His teacher was ill.
(b) There was a fire at the school.
(c) He pretended to be sick.
(d) The electricity had gone out.

5. Where does Miss Annie say she's going to get seeds for Maxine's garden?
(a) She'll go to town.
(b) She's ordered them.
(c) She'll get them from Milt's.
(d) She's going to send Vernon to get them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Daddy buy breath mints after supper?

2. Why does Maxine say she doesn't let Ronald wear his shoes as often as he wants?

3. What does Vernon plan to buy for Ronald first on their shopping trip?

4. Why does Vernon's dad say he wants Vernon to be the one to teach him?

5. What are Mitchell and Ben "singing" when Vernon arrives home in chapter 24?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the yard Ronald where Ronald stops to stare for so long, and how does Ronald's vision of the yard differ from Vernon's?

2. What does Vernon say about his father filling out paperwork for the children in the family and why does he say it?

3. Describe the scene in which the boys are trying to help Ronald find the perfect shoes.

4. What is Vernon thinking when Steph arrives home that night?

5. Why does Vernon make a list of Ronald's favorite things as they begin their shopping trip, what are some of the things on the list and what is Ronald's reaction?

6. What happens when Ben and Mitchell show up where Ronald and Vernon are sitting?

7. What is on television that prompts the argument between Vernon and Maxine in chapter 20 and what does Maxine say about it that makes Vernon mad?

8. Why does Vernon become concerned about Maxine and Ronald near the end of chapter 25 and what does he ask Miss Annie?

9. What does Vernon's dad say about the night Vernon tried to choke Tony?

10. What does Ben's mention of the library make Vernon remember and why does it make him change his mind about letting Ben and Sandra read his book?

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