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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vernon say about the smell of the dirt as he's digging Maxine's garden?
(a) That he hates it.
(b) That it smells like a promise.
(c) That he can't stand it long enough to finish the digging.
(d) That he likes it.

2. Where does Vernon put his homework when he arrives at Miss Annie's in chapter 22?
(a) In Miss Annie's hand.
(b) On the couch.
(c) On the kitchen table.
(d) On the coffee table.

3. Who gets Ronald ready for the Special Olympics?
(a) Miss Moore.
(b) Miss Annie.
(c) Maxine.
(d) Vernon.

4. Where does Miss Annie say Maxine and Ronald have gone?
(a) For Ronald's doctor's visit.
(b) To Ronald's school.
(c) To visit a relative.
(d) Downtown.

5. What is the question Vernon asks the lady with all the junk in her yard in an effort to be polite?
(a) What her name is.
(b) How many statues she has.
(c) If he can help clean her yard.
(d) How she knows Ronald.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who reads part of Vernon's book to Ben?

2. What does Miss Annie say when Vernon says the problems with Miss Marlow are his fault because of the fair?

3. What are Mitchell and Ben "singing" when Vernon arrives home in chapter 24?

4. What is Maxine's last name?

5. What does Ben say Miss Annie gave him when he went to her house to see the cat that lives under her porch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Miss Annie find out about the possibility of Ronald being taken by Child Protective Services?

2. What does Vernon's dad say about the night Vernon tried to choke Tony?

3. Describe the conversation between Vernon and Maxine at the beginning of chapter 25.

4. Describe the scene in which the boys are trying to help Ronald find the perfect shoes.

5. Why does Vernon make a list of Ronald's favorite things as they begin their shopping trip, what are some of the things on the list and what is Ronald's reaction?

6. What does Maxine say was her first impression of the city when she arrived from Carolina?

7. What does Vernon discover when he goes into Maxine's house in chapter 26?

8. What happens when Ben and Mitchell show up where Ronald and Vernon are sitting?

9. How does Jerry's dad become acquainted with Miss Marlow?

10. Describe the yard Ronald where Ronald stops to stare for so long, and how does Ronald's vision of the yard differ from Vernon's?

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