Crazy Lady! Character Descriptions

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A seventh grade boy, he lives with his father, one older brother, one older sister, and one younger brother and sister.

Maxine Flooter

An alcoholic woman who lives one block from Vernon's home with her mentally handicapped son.

Ronald Flooter

Maxine's son, he never speaks and becomes friends with Vernon.

Miss Annie

The woman who tutors Vernon.

Mr. Dobbs

Vernon's father.

Ben Dobbs

Vernon's youngest brother.

Tony Dobbs

Vernon's older brother.

Steph Dobbs

Vernon's oldest sister.

Sandra Dobbs

Vernon's younger sister.


Vernon's friend who hot-wires a Toyota just to prove he can.


Vernon's friend who has a mentally handicapped brother who lives in an institution.

Mrs. Dobbs

Vernon's mother.

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