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Chapters 1-3

• Vernon recalls growing up with lots of children, including the five members of his family.

• He has brothers and sisters including Steph, Tony, Sandra and Ben. Vernon is the middle child.

• His mother died three years earlier. She had a stroke while sitting at her sewing machine at work.

• His sister, Steph, takes care of the younger children but Vernon sometimes discovers at school that his socks don't match.

• Vernon imagines himself a famous baseball player but discovers in junior high that there are many kids who play much better. He doesn't make the team and gives up the dream.

• As Vernon begins junior high, he discovers there aren't many things to do in the neighborhood.

• One day Vernon and some friends are bored and looking for something to do when they see Maxine, otherwise known as the crazy lady, and her son Ronald who attends...

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