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Mid-Book Test - Medium

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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Crazy Horse "do for a living" according to Chapter 8?
(a) Hunt.
(b) Trade.
(c) Serve as a chief.
(d) Make war.

2. According to Chapter 7, who of the book's subjects had seen combat by this time?
(a) Crazy Horse.
(b) Custer.
(c) Neither Crazy Horse nor Custer.
(d) Both Crazy Horse and Custer.

3. Who says, "Crazy Horse always led his men himself when they went into battle, and he kept well in front of them"?
(a) Bad Heart Bull.
(b) He Dog.
(c) Hump.
(d) Eleanor Hinman.

4. Ohio's population in the 1800s is called a young population by the author. Why?
(a) White Americans had just moved to Ohio.
(b) 73 percent were under thirty years of age.
(c) 55 percent were under twenty years of age.
(d) 62 percent were under twenty-five.

5. Between Custer and Crazy Horse, who came from a modest background, according to Chapter 12?
(a) Custer.
(b) Neither man.
(c) Both men.
(d) Crazy Horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Black Hills were known to the Sioux as a holy place called ______________.

2. At what ages did Custer and Crazy Horse become recognized leaders?

3. What year was George Armstrong Custer born?

4. Where did Crazy Horse and other warriors go to sing or boast of bravery?

5. Who did Custer vote for in the 1864 election for president?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does E.B. Taylor induce Indian leaders to sign treaties?

2. Who is Custer's first love, and how does he know her?

3. In Chapter 3, why was Curly encouraged to look up to young warriors? In what way did he not?

4. In what ways did Custer and Crazy Horse stand out in a crowd?

5. What did the chiefs' society that resumed in 1865 involve and what was Crazy Horse's role?

6. What were the results of Custer's leadership on the Wilderness campaign of May, 1864?

7. Why did Crazy Horse keep his feelings for Black Buffalo Woman secret?

8. What charm did Crazy Horse receive in 1862 or 1863 and from whom? What was the charm supposed to do?

9. According to the author, what mistakes did Custer make at the Battle of Little Bighorn?

10. Why do men and animals congregate in the tree groves on the Great Plains in Chapter 1?

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