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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What more than tripled in Ohio from 1828 to 1850?
(a) Towns.
(b) Railroads.
(c) Newspapers and periodicals.
(d) Population.

2. At what ages did Custer and Crazy Horse become recognized leaders?
(a) 29 and 30.
(b) 22 and 23.
(c) 24 and 25.
(d) 23 and 24.

3. Whose life was more controlled by time, according to Chapter 7?
(a) Crazy Horse.
(b) Custer.
(c) Neither man.
(d) Both men.

4. Who does the author credit with giving Custer his first big break in Chapter 10?
(a) General Smith.
(b) General Lee.
(c) General Burnside.
(d) General McClellan.

5. Where did Crazy Horse and other warriors go to sing or boast of bravery?
(a) Kiva.
(b) Chief's lodge.
(c) Arrow Creek.
(d) The akicita lodge.

6. According to Chapter 7, who of the book's subjects had seen combat by this time?
(a) Both Crazy Horse and Custer.
(b) Neither Crazy Horse nor Custer.
(c) Crazy Horse.
(d) Custer.

7. Why did Crazy Horse most likely not get the scalp of his first human kill?
(a) He refused to scalp anyone.
(b) He was injured.
(c) He did not have a scalping knife.
(d) He found out it was a woman.

8. In Chapter 10, who says, "it looks like treason" about a document?
(a) Fernando Wood.
(b) General Smith.
(c) Captain Custer.
(d) General McClellan.

9. What element of the weather do the Plains and the seashore share?
(a) Warm, muggy temperatures.
(b) Limited rainfall.
(c) Lack of snow.
(d) High wind velocity.

10. What position was Custer serving in when he was arrested and court-martial proceedings were started against him?
(a) Officer of the Guard.
(b) First Cadet.
(c) Commandant of the Cadets.
(d) Officer of the Day.

11. In Chapter 7, what wars are cited as wars that Custer taught about?
(a) French and Indian War.
(b) Mexican and Peloponnesian.
(c) All European wars.
(d) French and American Revolutions.

12. Where did "Custer get a decent return on the investment of his men's lives"?
(a) Malvern Hill.
(b) Appomattox.
(c) Gettysberg.
(d) Wilderness campaign.

13. According to the author in Chapter 7, what was the ultimate difference between Crazy Horse and Custer?
(a) Their mood.
(b) Religious beliefs.
(c) Hunting skills.
(d) Ability to ride a horse.

14. What book led to Custer writing an essay titled, "The Red Man" while at West Point?
(a) Leatherstocking Tales.
(b) Swallow Barn.
(c) Last of the Mohicans.
(d) Eutaw.

15. In Chapter 10, who writes, "I captured the greatest prize of all"?
(a) Daniel Bacon.
(b) Gimlet Lea.
(c) Custer.
(d) Libbie.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Custer enter West Point Military Academy?

2. About how much did Crazy Horse weigh at the age of 24?

3. What was Custer's first nickname at West Point?

4. What color were Custer's eyes?

5. Who said, "General Custer is writing lasting letters on the pages of his country's history"?

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