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William A. McDonough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the difficulty with recycling heavily inked pages?
(a) The ink is very toxic if ingested.
(b) The ink is a common allergen.
(c) The ink is very hard to remove, even if water soluble.
(d) The ink is easy to remove but damages the pages in the process.

2. All of the following are problems presented by monoculture crops, except which statement?
(a) Many chemicals are used to control crops.
(b) Eliminates the natural genetic diversity within a crop.
(c) Causes a decrease in natural soil fertility.
(d) Easier to grow and ship crops.

3. What is ecological chemistry?
(a) The use of chemicals that are dangerous to humans but good for the environment.
(b) The study of toxic chemicals produced by animals.
(c) The development or use of chemicals that are safe for the environment.
(d) The exploitation of natural chemicals in manufacturing.

4. The Industrial Revolution functions on the idea of brute force. What is meant by this phrase as used by the authors?
(a) Weaken the product so that it is safer for consumers.
(b) Add more strength to the product so that it works under any circumstance despite the consequences.
(c) Develop the product so that it is consumed by environmental forces.
(d) Force the product to work under specific circumstances only.

5. When can PVC, a commonly used plastic in children's playground equipment, be toxic?
(a) When heated to high temperatures.
(b) When consumed.
(c) When exposed to carbon dioxide.
(d) When frequently touched or rubbed on the skin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word do the authors use as a realistic alternative to the word "recycling"?

2. What do the authors claim is flawed about architecture made with the International Style?

3. Which words best describe how people view nature during the Industrial Revolution?

4. Why would designers create products that wear out in a certain amount of time?

5. What is a monoculture?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the focus and attitude of the Industrial Revolution.

2. Describe one of Bill and Michael's ideas for completely positive design.

3. Describe how the authors use soap as an example of designing products for "worst-case" scenarios.

4. Explain what the authors mean by "brute force."

5. What do the authors suggest for a solution to more efficient home designs, as opposed to the International Style of architecture?

6. Describe the arguments against the Industrial Revolution throughout its history.

7. Describe why many materials cannot be recycled into a product of equal quality as the original material.

8. What challenges does Michael face while working for the Environmental Protection Agency?

9. Name two common household objects and their hidden health effects because of the chemicals they contain.

10. Explain why the authors say that eco-efficiency is not possible.

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