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William A. McDonough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ecological chemistry?
(a) The development or use of chemicals that are safe for the environment.
(b) The use of chemicals that are dangerous to humans but good for the environment.
(c) The study of toxic chemicals produced by animals.
(d) The exploitation of natural chemicals in manufacturing.

2. Which statement is the best explanation for why sports shoes are produced outside the U.S.?
(a) Countries outside the U.S. have better technology to produce sportswear.
(b) Countries outside the U.S. have a higher demand for sports shoes.
(c) There are no regulations on quality production.
(d) There is less regulation on toxic fumes in the countries where they are produced.

3. What is an example of Bill and Michael's unique ideas for design?
(a) A computer that runs on refillable corn oil fuel.
(b) A miniature solar panel that can power an entire house.
(c) A chair made entirely of wood products.
(d) A biodegradable soda bottle with a seed implanted in it.

4. What is the main goal of industry?
(a) Reduce consumer spending and make more eco-efficient products.
(b) Design efficient products that are expensive.
(c) Create materials that use exclusively natural resources.
(d) Increase profit and reduce production costs.

5. What is one problem with recycled paper?
(a) It has stains from the bleaching process.
(b) It contains a higher level of toxins after the recycling process.
(c) It can cause blindness if consumed in large quantities.
(d) It still contains the ink marks from the original paper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michael chose for a professional career?

2. Why are car parts difficult to recycle?

3. Who should be responsible for creating products that support the Earth?

4. Who writes Silent Spring?

5. Which statement is NOT an example of recycling as we know it?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Michael ends up working for the German Environmental Protection Agency.

2. Describe one of Bill and Michael's ideas for completely positive design.

3. What challenges does Michael face while working for the Environmental Protection Agency?

4. Describe the vision that both Bill and Michael have for the future of the environment.

5. Describe Bill's experience in Jordan as a student and what he is inspired by.

6. Compare the ideas of less-bad and completely positive design.

7. Describe the negative consequences the Industrial Revolution has on the environment and human health.

8. Describe the idea of eco-efficiency and how it proposes to solve the industry, consumer, and environment problems.

9. Explain and give an example of how the Industrial Revolution intended to make more and more money.

10. Describe how early industrialists considered nature and the environment.

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