Daily Lessons for Teaching Cradle to Cradle

William A. McDonough
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction, This Book is Not a Tree)


Introduction, This Book Is Not a Tree

Many household objects contain chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. In this lesson students will describe how common household objects can be dangerous to the environment and human health.


1. Partner share: Have students discuss the following questions with a partner. What are some common objects in your house that contain highly toxic materials? Do these objects appear to be dangerous or relatively harmless? As a consumer, do you know that these objects are toxic or dangerous when you buy them? Name one example from the book that describes a common household object which turns out to be very dangerous to human health or the environment.

2. Writing: Instruct students to write a paragraph to describe how common household items can be both dangerous to the environment and to human health.

3. Class discussion: Lead the class in...

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