Cradle to Cradle Fun Activities

William A. McDonough
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Sketch Book for Inspiration

Complete a small book of sketches (5-6) from observing nature that would inspire you to create new product designs. For example, flowers, trees, animals, anything from nature really. With each sketch you should include the names of a few products you would like to redesign with the inspiration from nature that you have drawn.

From Nature to the Runway

Design a new clothing, accessory, or shoe design that is inspired by nature and put eco-effectiveness into practice. To start, select an organisms from nature to be your inspiration for your design. Then create your design and include a short description of how the designed was inspired by nature.

Dream House Design

Create a diagram sketch of your dream house that puts eco-effectiveness into practice. Include arrows to specific structures that show your eco-effective ideas and innovations. Your ideas for design should include how the...

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