Cradle to Cradle Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

William A. McDonough
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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay to examine how common household objects can pose a threat to health and the environment. Cover the following three points in your essay.

1. Give examples of some common objects that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

2. Describe how chemicals can be released from objects as they are used or decompose in the environment.

3. Explain how materials can contain chemicals that are banned from use in the United States.

Essay Topic 2

Define the word "downcycling." Then, explain how our concept of recycling is really downcycling. Finally, describe the effects that downcycling has on the environment and consumers.

Essay Topic 3

Write a three-part essay to summarize the experience and early inspiration for each of the authors.

Part 1. Describe the childhood and education of each author.

Part 2. Explain the significant event in each author's early career that became his inspiration to create positive...

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