Cradle to Cradle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William A. McDonough
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Introduction, This Book is Not a Tree

• Many common objects in the home appear to be harmless but actually contain many harmful chemicals.
• When these commonplace objects are thrown away, their chemicals accumulate in the environment some of which are toxic.
• Recycling has been a solution to prevent the accumulation of waste in the environment but its process is inefficient and produces even more chemicals with a low quality product as a result.
• Books are difficult to recycle because their materials are mixed together in such a way that it is hard to separate the individual components to recycle. Also, the inks used in printing are impossible to remove without harsh chemicals.
• Both Bill and Michael grow up inspired by nature, and lead early careers that are geared towards improving products and designs for the environment.

• Eventually both Bill and Michael decide that designs must be made completely...

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