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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Turner leave next to Jackie's body?
(a) His Smith & Wesson.
(b) His ripped out army coat.
(c) A biosoft necklace.
(d) Empty shells from his large handgun.

2. How does Marly bruise herself?
(a) By jumping for a box.
(b) The machine wakes up and attacks her.
(c) Her suit is too tight.
(d) She took off her jacket.

3. Why does Turner set the craft down at the old gas station?
(a) The wiper blades don't work.
(b) Angie is hungry.
(c) The craft is out of gas.
(d) Angie needs the bathroom.

4. Who is revealed to have hired the Kasual and Gothicks outside Jammer's?
(a) Conroy.
(b) Euros on Park Avenue.
(c) Hosaka Corportation.
(d) Maas Biolabs.

5. Why does Alix not make a deal with Raymond?
(a) He hates the Gothicks.
(b) He already has a deal with Hosaka.
(c) He already has a deal with Maas.
(d) He hates the Kasuals.

6. Who is Edith S.?
(a) The girl in a black vest.
(b) The girl in the velcro jacket.
(c) A space ship.
(d) A tug ship.

7. What is the only thing that Turner does not lie to Angie about?
(a) The truth is contained in the dossier.
(b) Maas killed her father.
(c) Her father is dead.
(d) He will be there for her always.

8. How many floors are there in Hypermart?
(a) Forty.
(b) Four.
(c) Four Hundred.
(d) Fourteen.

9. How old does Angie reveal herself to be?
(a) Seventeen.
(b) Sixteen.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Fifteen.

10. Where does Paleologos suggest Marly go based on her looks?
(a) Jerusalem Prime.
(b) Johannesburg Prime.
(c) Poros Prime.
(d) Macau Prime.

11. How did Paco's spy hear Marly talking to herself?
(a) The phone in Alain's apartment was tapped.
(b) She was hiding behind a curtain nearby.
(c) Parabolic microphone.
(d) Marly screamed it loudly.

12. What did Turner think could save his mother?
(a) The latest endorphin anaolg.
(b) A change of scenery.
(c) Doctor Mitchell.
(d) The clinics in Chiba.

13. Which part of the news recap is of most significance to Bobby?
(a) Marsha is still alive.
(b) Virek was sick for decades.
(c) Conroy was executed in Park Avenue.
(d) Mitchell actually escaped.

14. Who built the custom deck for Jammer?
(a) St. Jacques Majeur.
(b) Bobby Quine.
(c) Automatic Jack.
(d) Ono-sendai.

15. Why will Bobby be jacking in alone?
(a) It was Lucas's dying wish.
(b) Jammer's hand has been lasered.
(c) Jammer has faith in his ability.
(d) Jackie does not like to tandem jack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been downloaded into the Ashpool cores?

2. What is surprising about the Gothicks and Kasuals outside of Jammer's?

3. Who is responsible for Alain's death?

4. Why is Isham drinking retsina?

5. Who runs the club at the top of Hypermart?

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