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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who built the custom deck for Jammer?
(a) Bobby Quine.
(b) Automatic Jack.
(c) Ono-sendai.
(d) St. Jacques Majeur.

2. Who is revealed to have hired the Kasual and Gothicks outside Jammer's?
(a) Maas Biolabs.
(b) Hosaka Corportation.
(c) Conroy.
(d) Euros on Park Avenue.

3. Which part of the news recap is of most significance to Bobby?
(a) Mitchell actually escaped.
(b) Conroy was executed in Park Avenue.
(c) Marsha is still alive.
(d) Virek was sick for decades.

4. What is the rule of trust?
(a) Trust your agent.
(b) Trust no one.
(c) Trust the company.
(d) Trust your instincts.

5. Why does Virek scream?
(a) Paco accidentally shoots him with the Browning.
(b) Paco is killed.
(c) He sees a white cross.
(d) His beloved garden has wilted.

6. Why did Mitchell modify his daughter?
(a) It was in his contract.
(b) She wasn't smart enough.
(c) She was terminally ill.
(d) She was naughty.

7. How did they stop Bobby's screaming?
(a) A lullaby in Creole.
(b) A shot of Jammer's vodka.
(c) Hard slapping.
(d) Glass of water.

8. Who finally takes care of Conroy?
(a) The Virgin of Miracles.
(b) Baron Samedi.
(c) Someone known as Bunny.
(d) Jaylene in a fit of rage.

9. Who has bought the old Ashpool cores?
(a) A contractor in Pakistan.
(b) Wigan Ludgate and Jones.
(c) Ashpool's daughter.
(d) The heir to the Tessier fortune.

10. What language do the voodoo gods speak?
(a) Tibetan.
(b) Haitian.
(c) Scottish.
(d) Japanese.

11. Which tape does Marly choose to watch?
(a) Foxton.
(b) Ashanti.
(c) The opera.
(d) Top People.

12. Why are Paco and Virek attacked?
(a) Revenge for Jackie's death.
(b) Revenge for the death of Bobby's mother.
(c) Jaylene thinks they killed Ramirez.
(d) The Lord of Graveyards is protecting Bobby.

13. Why is Isham drinking retsina?
(a) The scene is being shot in Turkey.
(b) It is the only drink served on the ferry to Athens.
(c) They are in Greece.
(d) It is a Parisian specialty.

14. What does Turner leave next to Jackie's body?
(a) His Smith & Wesson.
(b) Empty shells from his large handgun.
(c) His ripped out army coat.
(d) A biosoft necklace.

15. Why does Conroy refer to Turner as Mr. Bushido?
(a) He never says much.
(b) Turner was once in the Yakuza.
(c) Turner does not sell out his employers.
(d) He has exceptional Bushido skills.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the light so bright in the chamber?

2. What has been downloaded into the Ashpool cores?

3. Where does Sally's boy get his red hair from?

4. What is the only thing that Turner does not lie to Angie about?

5. Who smiles at Bobby as he peers outside Jammer's club?

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