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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Turner leave next to Jackie's body?
(a) His Smith & Wesson.
(b) His ripped out army coat.
(c) Empty shells from his large handgun.
(d) A biosoft necklace.

2. Why does Bobby suggest putting the explosives against the glass?
(a) That way none will blow in.
(b) So that it will blow out.
(c) To scare off the gangs outside.
(d) It is less obvious.

3. Who is Lady Jane?
(a) The name of Rez's ship.
(b) Rez's friend on Zion.
(c) Tessier's daughter.
(d) Ashpool's daughter.

4. What did Turner think could save his mother?
(a) A change of scenery.
(b) The clinics in Chiba.
(c) The latest endorphin anaolg.
(d) Doctor Mitchell.

5. Why does Jammer pull the plug on Conroy and Turner's negotiation?
(a) To advise Turner to drive a harder bargain.
(b) He does not want to be traced.
(c) He does not trust Turner.
(d) To buy more time.

6. What hints that Jammer's deck is a custom job?
(a) It takes up so much space.
(b) There is a signature engraved on it.
(c) There are no trademarks.
(d) It is black in color.

7. How old does Angie reveal herself to be?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Seventeen.

8. What must Turner do before he can think of his next move?
(a) Escape the Maas spooks outside Jammer's.
(b) Find Conroy's body.
(c) Pick up his pay from Hosaka.
(d) Buy fuel.

9. Why is Isham drinking retsina?
(a) The scene is being shot in Turkey.
(b) It is the only drink served on the ferry to Athens.
(c) It is a Parisian specialty.
(d) They are in Greece.

10. Why does Virek think Bobby should recognize him?
(a) He is wanted by the police.
(b) He iss a star on People of Importance.
(c) He believes most people would recognize him.
(d) He is a friend of Jackie's.

11. What did Mitchell think was not good for his daughter?
(a) Flying an ultralight.
(b) RIding in hovercraft.
(c) Dreaming while awake.
(d) Jacking in with a deck.

12. What incriminating information does Turner uncover from Mitchell's dossier?
(a) Angela's IQ.
(b) Mitchell's IQ.
(c) Mitchell's grades.
(d) Conroy's secret plan.

13. Where can Marly pick up her salary?
(a) Tax Office of Orly.
(b) Bank of Belgium.
(c) Stockholm Credit Union.
(d) Bank of France.

14. Why does Turner set the craft down at the old gas station?
(a) The craft is out of gas.
(b) The wiper blades don't work.
(c) Angie needs the bathroom.
(d) Angie is hungry.

15. Why does Alix not make a deal with Raymond?
(a) He already has a deal with Hosaka.
(b) He hates the Kasuals.
(c) He hates the Gothicks.
(d) He already has a deal with Maas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Virek's lie to Marly?

2. How does Marly bruise herself?

3. Why does the unit director hate the boy?

4. What has been downloaded into the Ashpool cores?

5. Which tape does Marly choose to watch?

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