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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34, A Chain 'Bout Nine Miles Long, Chapter 35, Tally Isham, and Chapter 36, The Squirrel Wood.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are all the techs wearing?
(a) Micropore surgical gloves.
(b) Image amplification goggles.
(c) Huge parkas covered with tabs and zippers.
(d) Sheepskin bomber jackets.

2. Where does Turner meet Conroy for the first time?
(a) On a Sense/net job in Mexico.
(b) In a Hosaka arcology on Honshu.
(c) On an extraction job in New Delhi.
(d) In a Maas arcology in Arizona.

3. Who has bought the old Ashpool cores?
(a) The heir to the Tessier fortune.
(b) A contractor in Pakistan.
(c) Wigan Ludgate and Jones.
(d) Ashpool's daughter.

4. Who does Andrea think Marly should worry about the most?
(a) Alain.
(b) Paco.
(c) Gnass.
(d) Virek.

5. How does Bobby close his black pants?
(a) With buttons.
(b) With magnets.
(c) A velcro strip.
(d) There is a zip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Two-a-Day not watching Bobby's ice breaking run personally?

2. What did Mitchell think was not good for his daughter?

3. Who is said never to forget?

4. Where was Lucas' car built?

5. Why will Bobby be jacking in alone?

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