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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28, Jaylene Slide, Chapter 29, Boxmaker, and Chapter 30, Hired Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much time does Virek give Marly to finish her assignment?
(a) The rest of her life.
(b) Until Virek spends his fortune.
(c) The rest of his life.
(d) Until the creator of the box dies.

2. Which item of clothing will Rhea not let Bobby wear?
(a) A red satin skirt.
(b) Pleated pants.
(c) A leotard.
(d) A black shirt.

3. In the case given to Marly, what does Virek think is crucial?
(a) Intuition.
(b) Time efficiency.
(c) A spacecraft.
(d) A disguise.

4. What shows the surgeons that Bobby is definitely still alive?
(a) The strength of his grip.
(b) He is screaming for his mother.
(c) An erection.
(d) His eyes are blinking.

5. What does Bobby value most about his holoporn unit.
(a) Brandi and her blue rubber pants.
(b) It belonged to Ling Warren.
(c) The ridiculousness of the dreamgirls' hair and clothes.
(d) The illusion of space in his bedroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Turner set the craft down at the old gas station?

2. Whose forgery ruined Marly's business?

3. Why was Two-a-Day not watching Bobby's ice breaking run personally?

4. What incriminating information does Turner uncover from Mitchell's dossier?

5. What does Marly give to Andrea as a present?

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