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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, With Both Hands, Chapter 14, Night Flight, and Chapter 15, Box.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who set up the landline?
(a) Webber.
(b) Conroy.
(c) Lynch.
(d) Sutcliffe.

2. Which artist's stocks are down again?
(a) Estevez.
(b) Pollock.
(c) Cornell.
(d) Picard.

3. How does Marly want to view her object?
(a) As a child.
(b) With a trained eye.
(c) As a report on holofiche.
(d) As an emotion.

4. Where do powerful icebreakers usually come from?
(a) Two-a-Day.
(b) Artifical Intelligence.
(c) The Sprawl.
(d) The Turing people.

5. Who has the task of fixing gear in the bunker?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Turner.
(c) Jaylene Slide.
(d) Ramirez.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Bobby lived all his life?

2. Why does Turner sleep with his shoes on?

3. What is the nationality of Marly's most recent hairdresser?

4. Why is Mexico City a good place to take Mitchell?

5. What is worst ramification of the Ono-Sendai being left plugged in?

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